Just Walk It!

‘Just Walk It’ is a community based walking program which aims to increase the community’s participation in regular and enjoyable physical activity. ‘Just Walk It’ utilises volunteer ‘walk organisers” to establish small groups of people to walk in their local area. The role of a walk organiser is to facilitate people meeting at a central point in their community to walk together.

Walk organisers are provided with all the resources that they need to begin and maintain their group. To thank them for their work, these volunteers receive a FREE polo shirt, cap and water bottle, and are offered CPR training.

Walkers are provided with a booklet which outlines everything they need to know about the ‘Just Walk It’ program. Walkers also receive certificates and/or merchandise when they achieve certain milestones (e.g. 25 walks, 50 walks) to help encourage them to keep putting their best foot forward. All participants must register with the Heart Foundation and will receive regular newsletters.

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